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Next Generation Detection Technology
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Sword Diagnostics is a leader in making diagnostic tests more sensitive. The Sword Detection System™ is an extremely sensitive system, utilizing Raman Spectroscopy coupled with our patented detection chemistry. Sword provides a significant increase in detection sensitivity, enabling scientists and clinicians to study and to quantify low-abundance biomarkers, as well as working with ever-decreasing sample volumes.
the Sword Detection System™
Employs a highly sensitive, Raman-active chemistry
Works with standard ELISAs in the standard 96-well plate format
Directly replaces standard Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) substrates with minimal changes to the assay reagents and protocols
User-friendly detection system for making measurements that is designed to work similar to other plate readers
Tecan and Sword Diagnostics announce availability of high performance immunoassay detection technology
Tecan and Sword Diagnostics today announced availability of a high performance immunoassay detection technology based on Sword’s proprietary detection reagents and Tecan’s Infinite® line of plate readers.
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OTraces Utilizes the Technology of Sword Diagnostics to Enhance Cancer Detection

OTraces is turning to Sword Diagnostics for technology to enhance its BC Sera DXTM breast cancer screening test, which can detect breast cancer at earlier levels and with greater accuracy than current screening methods.
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