Your assay in 3 Swift steps with Sword Bio.

Your assay in 3 Swift steps with Sword Bio.

Put Sword to the Test

Give us 6 days and we’ll show you just how much we can boost your specific assay’s performance.

Do you have an assay that needs a significant boost in sensitivity, precision, and reproducibility? We will show you how our patented technology and process can be applied to achieve 5-10 fold boost in LLOQ, consistently low CVs with less noise relative to traditional detection chemistries.

Simply provide a few project details to help us get started.

    prove performance boost

    ASSESS: Sword Boost

    Sword will ASSESS your target ELISA assay to verify our ability to improve:

    • Precision by 10%
    • Sensitivity by 10 – 30 fold
    • LLOQ by 5 – 10 fold
    • Accuracy to 80 – 120%

    icon optimize sample

    OPTIMIZE: Your Sample Matrix

    We’ll rapidly configure our chemistries to your specific matrix needs to:

    • Reduce matrix effects
    • Reduce sample size
    • Reduce assay time

    test transfer reliability

    QUALIFY / RUN: Confirm, Test or Transfer Reliably

    Our platform ensures assay robustness and reliability whether you choose to:

    • Transfer the Sword Kit to:
      • Your Lab
      • Your CRO
    • Utilize Sword’s testing services