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Get there in 3 swift steps with Sword.

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Sword enables you to get more out of your existing assays to answer critical development questions faster. Through our Sword SWIFT program, we will:

prove performance boost

Assess Performance Boost

Sword will optimize your target ELISA to verify our ability to improve:

  • LLOQ by 10 – 20 fold
  • Sensitivity by 10 – 30 fold
  • Accuracy to 80 – 120%

6 Days

icon optimize sample

Optimize for Your Sample

We’ll rapidly configure our chemistries to your specific matrix needs to:

  • Reduce matrix effects
  • Reduce sample size
  • Reduce assay time

14 Days

test transfer reliability

Test or Transfer Reliably

Our platform ensures assay robustness and reliability whether you choose to:

  • Have Sword transfer and verify assay performance on-site
  • Utilize Sword’s testing services

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Speed decision-making with Sword SWIFT.

Precision medicine is innovating at a rapid pace. Sword’s process ensures you get reproducible, robust data, faster, to make efficient ‘go’ / ‘no go’ decisions that save development time and keep you ahead.

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Deploy our platform in your lab with Sword ON-SITE.

Sword experts will certify your lab team to use our technology and processes at your site, with ongoing remote support.

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Take the Sword SWIFT Challenge

Put us to the test: we will conduct a performance assessment of your first target assay free of charge.

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Featured Assay

Looking to Optimize Your Assays for ADA Analysis?

Sword Bio has optimized a number of proprietary assays to support the analysis of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) with significantly improved sensitivity, precision, and performance.

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Press Release

BioAgilytix Partners with Sword Bio to Provide Superior Immunoassays

The companies will collaborate to meet ever-growing customer needs to further enhance the performance of immunoassays used for biomarkers, immunogenicity, and pharmacokinetics (PK).

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